Magnetite Application To Dense Media Separation

- Jul 29, 2017-

Extracting the desired product from raw materials or mines can be a challenge in the metallurgical industry since the day this industry born. However, with the science development, using magnetite, scientist came up with a new method, and producers can use basic physics to separate the valuable from the worthless while reducing harmful and even toxic by-products. This method is called dense media separation (DMS).

DMS, a technique, was first pioneered in the 1950s in coal refineries that relies on varying densities of a desired product. It is also known as Heavy Medium Separation. In coal industries, mine coal which contains impurities such as rock, shale, and clays is unmarketable product. But by infusing water and magnetite, the impurities sink and the good coal floats because of the specific density of the water.

Removing the magnetite can be accomplished with the simple application of magnetic forces after separating the desirable product from waste, and it in turn makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze.

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